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Getting help when IRS processes stall

Sometimes IRS processes don’t work like they’re supposed to. Because of this, the Taxpayer Advocate Service (TAS) was set up as an independent organization within the IRS to assist taxpayers when they can’t get the IRS to respond, their IRS problem is causing hardship, or there is an immediate threat of adverse action by the IRS. Cases that TAS handles typically involve situations where: (1) the taxpayer is experiencing a hardship, and the IRS’s normal resolution pace needs to speed up in order to prevent additional hardship; (2) several different IRS units or steps are involved, and TAS is needed to act as a coordinator; (3) the taxpayer has attempted to resolve a problem through normal IRS channels, but those channels have broken down; or (4) the taxpayer is presenting unique facts or issues, and the IRS is applying a “one size fits all” approach. TAS also recommends systemic changes to the IRS when an issue affecting multiple taxpayers is identified. You can contact TAS on your own or with the assistance of an attorney; if your situation qualifies for TAS assistance, you will be assigned to one advocate – whose services will be free.

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